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Our Recruiting Services

Recruiters in LA providing IT staffing solutions.

Recruitment Services

  PeopleTree provides direct hire recruiting solutions for technology, digital, and marketing roles. We are honored to be among the best recruitment agencies in Los Angeles and Reno/Tahoe, helping high-quality companies successfully manage their most challenging  staffing needs. 

LA Staffing Agency team building to identify the best recruiting solutions.

Staffing Agency

We understand that trust is hard to earn and easy to lose. Poor experiences with other LA staffing agencies may cause hesitation in reaching out us. 

At People Tree, our success depends on exceeding your expectations. Our core values are built around consistently providing our clients with the highest levels of customer service, which means we aren’t happy until we find the perfect fit for your IT staffing needs. 

IT staffing agency considering her clients needs to offer the best recruiting solutions.

Recruiting Solutions

  We are among the premier recruitment companies in Los Angeles and Reno/Tahoe precisely because your trust is so important to us. 

Natasha Myers, Founder and Managing Partner of PeopleTree, has a history of proven recruiting success for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups.

She understands how complex IT staffing can be, and stresses the importance of a high-touch, consultative approach. Our recruiters will work closely with your corporate and departmental leadership throughout the process. 

Talent Acquisition

tal·ent ac·qui·si·tion \ ˈta-lənt \ [ak-wuh-zish-uh n]) Verb

Talent acquisition is the process of finding and acquiring skilled human labor for organizational needs. Talent acquisition is an ongoing strategy to find specialists, leaders, or future executives for your company.


We strive to truly understand your company’s culture and hiring needs in order to offer effective recruiting and staffing solutions. By aligning closely with the hiring managers and understanding their requirements, we are able to become an extension of your talent acquisition team.

This gives our recruiters a deeper understanding of your goals, your needs, and your expectations. We also work to understand your company’s culture, benefits, and growth opportunities for the candidates we place with you. 


Our Recruiting Process

Candidate Network

Staffing agency identifying candidates from their network for IT roles.

Our candidate curation process is much more than just farming resumes from job boards and hoping one will stick. After working together to develop a complete picture of the perfect candidate for your company’s direct hire technology and marketing jobs, we begin tapping into our extensive network for recommendations and talent discovery. 

Talent Selection

Staffing agency selecting resumes for the recruiting process.

Our proven recruiting solutions are paramount to PeopleTree’s success among tech recruiting companies. We vet our candidates thoroughly to make sure their skills are current and applicable to your needs. The candidate’s goals, needs, and expectations are also carefully evaluated for culture fit with your company. 

Curated Interviews

Handshake after a successful interview and job offer,

  We understand the interview process while recruiting top talent for your team can be a time consuming and often a daunting experience. Our process creates efficiencies, allowing the hiring manager spend their time with only the best talent.

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